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MySpace layouts, graphics, flash toys, MySpace codes, generators, , and other cool stuff! Customize your profile whether you're on MySpace, Friendster, Hi5, Facebook, or any other social networking site! The ultimate profile site is here! Check out our update section to see what's new!
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Codes & HTML Help

Codes & HTML Help

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Customize Your Text

- Basics of HTML Text Editing
- Invisible Text - Seen After MouseHover
- Special Characters and Symbols
- Have All Text Centered On Your Page
- Create Moving Text (marquees)
- Make Text Links
- Scrolling Text at The Top of Your Page

Image Codes & Tweaks

- Want a Bigger or Smaller Image?
- Get Images + Display on Webpage
- Change Your Image Looks with Image Filters
- Create Image Links
- Make Your Comment Images Smaller

Hide Stuff (for MySpace)

- Hide Section Headings
- Hide Friends List
- Hide Friends Area
- Hide Friends Pictures and Names
- Hide Comments
- Hide Comment Area
- Hide "Add Comment" Link
- Hide Details Section
- Hide Contact Table
- Hide Extended Network/Blog Area
- Hide Info Next to Your Picture
- Hide Left Column
- Hide Last Login
- Hide Your URL Box
- Hide Top Links
- Hide Entire Top Navigation
- Hide Bottom Links
- Hide All Navigation
- Hide Search Box

Change Content/Tables (for MySpace)

- Center Friends and Comments Tables
- Customize Your Table Colors
- "View More Pictures" Edited Area
- Make Your Profile Centered
- Flip Your Comments Table
- Keep Your Friends and Comments In a Scroll Bar
- Navigation Bar Tweaks
- Edit Your Extended Network
- Have Your Tables Translucent (See Through)
- Flip MySpace profile
- Change The Placement of Your Contact Table
- Have Friends Name Below Their Picture

Various Extras And Resources

- MouseOver Codes
- Hide your Profile/Make a DIV Profile
- Change Into Band Profile?
- HEX Color Code Chart
- See Hidden Comments
- Manual Submit Button

More Stuff For MySpace

- Have a Scrolling Text Area
- More Borders for your MySpace tables
- Have a Background Image
- Additional Border




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