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MySpace layouts, graphics, flash toys, MySpace codes, generators, , and other cool stuff! Customize your profile whether you're on MySpace, Friendster, Hi5, Facebook, or any other social networking site! The ultimate profile site is here! Check out our update section to see what's new!
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Rubber Johnny Watch with the lights off. Rubber Johnny

Judge Judy Reign A hilarious Judge Judy parody animation. Judge Judy Reign

Jingle Bells Listen carefully for the subliminal messages in the classic song Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells

Beer is good Death metal, beer, and cheezy flash animation. Beer is good

Say Something A hilarious parody of one of our favorite internet advertisments. Say Something

Napolean Dynamite Xmas Napolean Dynamite's 12 Days Of Christmas. Napolean Dynamite Xmas

Hippo Noodles Doesn't make much sense, but it sure is fun to sing along! Hippo Noodles

I Didn't Know Not sure what the point of this is, but it's lots of fun to watch! I Didn't Know

Smiley's Rear Ever wonder what the back of a smiley looks like? Corny humor Alert! Smiley's Rear

Cool Tennis Game Extremely difficult tennis game. Cool Tennis Game

Fart Board Your very own fart machine! Great for the cubicle! Fart Board

Virtual DJ Spin your own music in this interactive animation. Virtual DJ

Interactive Buddy Burn him, blow him up, tickle him, and more. Interactive Buddy

Flu Howard Gary the Retard from Howard Stern gets pranked! Flu Howard

Space People Music from another world! Space People

Backstreet Boys This is the song they don't want you to hear. Backstreet Boys

Diplomacy The best of the bin laden humor! Diplomacy

Jeopardy Ninja Jeopardy, Ninjas, Electric Guitar, need I say more? Jeopardy Ninja

Flower Song This is one catchy tune. Flower Song

Bin Laden Halloween A special Halloween treat featuring Bin Laden. Bin Laden Halloween

Strawberry All he wants to do is nibble on the strawberry. Strawberry

Show Souls Satan calls the local shoe store. Hilarity ensues. Show Souls

Epilepsy Do you have Epilepsy? Take this test! Epilepsy

Cool Illusion Awesome illusion. I've been watching this for 5 straight hours. Cool Illusion

She Blocked Me She Frickin Blocked Me! Funny animation. She Blocked Me

Resident Beavis Featuring Resident Evil, Beavis, Peanut Butter Jelly and more. Resident Beavis

Urban Legends Urban Legends - Fact or Fiction. This is creepy. Urban Legends

DBZ parody Funny DBZ parody. DBZ parody

Tequilla Turn down the lights and turn up the speakers! Tequilla

Alcohol Warnings Follow these to find out if you drink too much or not. Alcohol Warnings

Florida Voting Check out the new Florida voting machine. Florida Voting

The Peeper Adam Sandler - The Peeper. Funny 5 minute cartoon. The Peeper

Banana Phone One of the funniest things I have watched in a long time. Banana Phone

LALA HOO HOO La la la la - ooo hoo hoo. Stuff like this makes us happy and warm inside. LALA HOO HOO

American Idol Numa Numa Numa - American Idol style! American Idol Numa

Ask Jeeves Check out our new search engine. It's awesome! Ask Jeeves

Box Transformer Watch what happens at the end. It is hilarious! 18+ Box Transformer

Laid-Off A really humorous cartoon about being laid-off. Laid-Off

Bunny Hunter A story about a bunny with a gun. Bunny Hunter

Burger King I work at Burger King making flame broiled whoppers I wear paper hats. Burger King

Supersonik This is what music in the future might be like. Supersonik

Dogs! "who let the dogs out" A spoof on the hit song in 2000. Dogs!

Farting Cat Quite possibly the most irritating thing I have ever seen! Farting Cat

Peanut Butter Jelly Time It is peanut butter and jelly time... Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Dub Dub Dub Turn your volume on max and sing along... dub dub dub dub... Dub Dub Dub

Windows Noises Who knew you could make music with Windows sound files? Windows Noises

Milk And Cereal Milk and Cereal. Watch this video and you will be singing it all day. Milk And Cereal

Super Mario Splat Super Mario Bros. Animation. Very funny! Super Mario Splat

Honda Ad Amazing Honda Ad. You gotta see this to believe it. Honda Ad

Growl Karaoke Learn how to growl like a real pro! Growl Karaoke

Trippy Mirror Prepare to get hypnotized. This is very trippy. Trippy Mirror

Red Button Joke Quite possibly the most irritating thing I have ever seen! Red Button Joke

The Llama Song The Funniest Song Known To Man. The Llama Song

End Of World Interesting view on how the world will end. End Of World

Ghosts Ghosts and hauntings. This will scare you. Ghosts

Schfiftyfive By the same guys who brought Bang Bang Bang... Schfiftyfive

The Ultimate Showdown "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" A musical tale of the greatest battle to ever occur ever. The Ultimate Showdown

Ordinary Conversation A Average Everyday Ordinary Conversation Ordinary Conversation

Halo For Retards Halarous Short Film About Halo For Retards. Halo For Retards

TSAH Halo A Halarous Film Mostly About Halo, A Must See! TSAH Halo

Coldplay - Yellow When a cool guy meets a blonde in the middle of an unamed desert... Coldplay - Yellow





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